lördag 17 mars 2012

Sometimes life just sucks...

Well.... As the headline says, sometimes life just sucks, Big Time! For me, my feelings shifts from happy to sad pretty fast. This week was/is not a good week. Me and my boyfriend are waiting for a huge moneycheck. We've been waiting for it for over a year and a half! They (the bank) promises to fix it every month but it never happens. So... After tears and angry calls i guess we have to hire a lawyer. To end this crap.

This isn't the only thing that bums me out. I'm having a little bit of a breakdown, realising i'm 25 ( I know! *gasp!* ) and haven't done anything I wanted in life! Of course i'm happy for my kids! They are the best thing that ever happend to me! But as fas as adventures goes. Nothing. And I who wanted to travel the world, doing crazy stuff, work in an animalshelter!
I feel that i'm stuck. My kids goes first. In Sweden there isn't a lot of animal educations for grown ups. In my town, there is none. We're thinking of moving, but that scares the hell out of me! Move from this safe little town to a place i've never been!? Gaah scary! If we are going to, it have to happen this summer. My oldest boy is starting school in august.

You can see i'm stressed out. I need a vacation. ;)

Sorry for the bad english and grammar. Been out of school for to long. I've forgotten most of it. :P


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