söndag 18 mars 2012

A day at the beach

After lunch we packed up the car with blankets and cinnamon rolls and went to the beach. The sun was shining, the weather was warm. It was a perfect relaxing day. Just what I needed. The boys were so happy! Throwing rocks in the water, looking for seashells. (we found one!) My heart melted.

On tuesday, I hope, i'm going on a 4,5 hour bus-trip to wisit my sister. I miss her so much! I need som sistertime. :) I'm also planning to see my father as he only lives 10km from Linn. They still got snow in Norway! Well, Trysil does anyway. I spoke to my dad today and he told me it is still half a meter left! And I who planned to stuff all the winterclothes in the closet tomorrow. Guess I have to take my winterjacket and hat with me.
Oooh! It's gonna be so much fun! We are both wery silly with a...eh... "special" kind humour. Hehe :P Plus I get to see my little baby! The one and only Nessa!(the dog)

I have to make a list! So I don't forget anything for my trip. The laptop is a must! Or else I will die on that bus.


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